The Totem Runner Duo

Northern Bright Totem Runner
Snowy Totem Runner

The Totem Runner Series was designed specifically for the home it is featured in. Taking in the clients artwork and decor, two matching runners were designed for the space. Snowy Totem is in mono-tones of grey and white and Northern Bright Totem is woven with colourful silks on a black wool field. The inspiration for this series came from totem pole imagery broken apart by racing stripes.

"Working with Modallion was a great experience. From conception to execution, the work exceeded all my expectations. While the final product was outstanding, I enjoyed being involved in the development and seeing how the rugs worked with my entire space. No detail was overlooked. A unique experience and a unique product. Thanks Modallion!" - Steve Waugh

Hand-knotted in Nepal

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