Van Alen: Robert Cameron

Designed By: Robert Cameron

“The Van Allen carpet, named after the architect who designed the Chrysler building in New York City, was created for a living room with a conceptual theme of influential women. In addition to it being an iconic symbol of the Art Deco Era (a sub-theme throughout the residence), the Chrysler building’s arc of triangles at the top made it of particular symbolic importance. The triangle has been used for thousands of years to represent feminine and masculine energy, depending on its orientation. Point side up representing the masculine, inverted the feminine. I tend to use carpets to balance out a room’s energy or as a grounding element. With this in mind, the energies of these symbols at either end of the oval cancel each other out for a neutral effect. This grounding effect is to offset the femininity in both the artwork and furniture in the room.” - Robert Cameron

Limited Edition 1/1
100 % Silk, 6'x9'
Handknotted in Nepal